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Giant Pump

Back Up Ring - Valve Stem Part Number 11508

Back Up Ring - Valve Stem Part Number 11508

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Replacement Back-Up Ring

The Giant Pumps 11508 is a new back-up ring for the valve stem inside unloaders. It is used to replace one that is worn to help ensure your pump functions properly. This back-up ring is constructed with the same material as the original to deliver the same chemical compatibility and longevity. Since this is a genuine OEM part, it is sure to fit the recommended unloader models.


  • Manufacturer: Giant Pumps
  • Part Number: 11508
  • Item: Back-Up Ring, Valve Stem

Compatible Unloaders:

  • 22910A
  • 22910A-01
  • 22910AR
  • 22910AR-01
  • 22911A
  • 22911AR
  • 22911A-01
  • 22912A
  • 22912A-01
  • 22912AR
  • 22912AR-01
  • 22913A
  • 22913A-01
  • 22913AR
  • 22913AR-01
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