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Giant Pump

Giant Triplex Plunger Pump 12.8 GPM Part Number P420CR-0020

Giant Triplex Plunger Pump 12.8 GPM Part Number P420CR-0020

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P420CR-002 Triplex Plunger Pump

The P420CR-002 pump is a German-made triplex plunger positive displacement pump with reciprocating plungers for direct or belt drive applications. It features an aluminum crankcase with sight glass and a vented dipstick. It has a forged, ground, and polished crankshaft. The P420CR-002 pump features bronze connecting rods, stainless steel plunger bases, solid ceramic plungers, PTFE seals, and stainless steel valves. Lastly, it has a forged brass manifold with an external weep system.

Pump Features: 

  • Forged brass manifold
  • Solid ceramic oxide plungers
  • High grade stainless steel valves
  • Nitrile seals with fabric reinforcing
  • Aluminum gear end

Pump Specifications:

  • Flow: 12.8 GPM
  • Maximum discharge pressure: 2175 PSI
  • Crankshaft speed: 1450 RPM
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 145 PSI
  • Maximum temperature: 160 degrees F
  • Plunger diameter: 0.98"
  • Stroke: 0.95"
  • Crankshaft diameter: 1.1"
  • Crankshaft rotation: top of pulley towards manifold
  • Key width: 0.32"
  • Crankshaft mounting: either side
  • Inlet ports: (2) 1" NPT
  • Discharge ports: (2) 3/4" NPT
  • Crankcase oil capacity: 27 fl. oz.
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