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Myers High Pressure Reciprocating Plunger Pump Part Number DP80-20

Myers High Pressure Reciprocating Plunger Pump Part Number DP80-20

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Reliable, durable and powerful - the Myers DP80-20 high pressure reciprocating plunger pump is the pump to trust for your high flow and high pressure needs. If you are jetting, plumbing or any application where up to 79 gpm and 2000 psi is needed this pump is a great fit!

The DP Series plunger pump adds a new dimension of rugged versatility to Pentair’s line of Myers® high pressure industrial pumps. In one power end, two fluid ends, the DP offers seven interchangeable plunger and seal packages, allowing complete hydraulic coverage between 1200 psi/120 gpm and 5500 psi/27 gpm. The DP handles liquids of PH4~11, up to 180˚F (82˚C) with a maximum inlet pressure of 100 psi. Optimum flow and pressure are easily converted, even in the field, by changing the plunger and seal kit. Two sets of different valve seats with different flow areas (valves A and B) fit into the same valve deck and are also interchangeable. 
The DP Series combine Pentair’s manufacturing expertise and understanding of applications to provide a pump with the strength and versatility for any demanding high pressure job.

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